Pushing the boundaries into a smaller solution


23rd October 2020

As a result of our continued and successful working partnership, RAM Pumps requested Radicon’s engineering team to define a space saving solution within the customer boundary limit, and project specification

The gear box is a central component of the Slops Pump Package being coupled directly to the pump shaft, with an overhead mounted Vertical NEMA motor adding to the complexity of the design.

After the governing factors of supply were identified, such as high ambient temp, power / torque required, and client design approval. Radicon’s design team had to start incorporating the vital attributes of the design. 

Integral forced lubrication system is critical to ensure all the contact faces throughout the gearbox receive a continuous feed of lubrication. Through extensive testing and validation Radicon found great success in this feature, which remains completely self sufficient without the need for external feed, filtration or expansion tanks.

This in turn reduces not only the size, weight or structural support fabrications but also extensive reduction in life cycle cost due to less component parts, oil volume used and improved efficiency 

"Radicon's solution also reduces the cost of the initial oil fill and subsequent oil changes," says Glenn Byers, Radicon's Key Account Manager. "It also reduces the environmental impact of the units when they're operating."  

Carl Swann, Ram Pumps' General Manager, says there are several reasons why the company has such a long-standing working relationship with Radicon: "They consistently deliver high-quality products that meet our budget and delivery schedules. Radicon's gearboxes are also exceptionally well made and backed-up with a can-do approach, innovative design when needed and excellent customer service."

Ram Pumps was originally formed in 1972 and remains one of the industry leader for bespoke API 674 Pump & Packaged solutions within the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Industrial and Water Processing industries  

Pushing the boundaries into a smaller solution radicon.fluidaa3.dyndns.org