Web Based Management

Our web based management system allows for timely and accurate reporting of data collected in an easy to view and manage system.

Global remote analysis delivers the benefits of condition monitoring to facilities regardless of size or location. Facilities get full access to our experience, capabilities, and advanced diagnostic tools at a fraction of fulltime procurement and operational costs.

Global remote analysis consists of the following phases to ensure initial and on-going success.

  • Work closely with your staff to design and implement the program
  • Regular collection of your gearbox data using CSI equipment
  • This data is then transferred to the remote analysis department for automatic and immediate alarm identification, which is followed up by formal analysis and condition assessment by one of our experienced analysts
  • Recommendations are then quickly communicated back to the facility via a secure web site or phone for urgent actions

All our recommendations provide a formal cost benefit analysis and continuous improvement review. This allows for actual program savings and key performance indicators to be calculated and plans developed to improve overall reliability